Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series Switches

              The Cisco Catalyst 6000 Family delivers newhigh-performance, feature-rich, multilayer-switching solutions for enterprise and service provider networks. Designed to address the increased requirements for gigabit scalability, high availability, and multilayer switching in campus backbone and distribution points, Internet data centers, and Web hosting and e-commerce environments, the Catalyst 6000 Family complements the Catalyst 4000 and 3500 families for user aggregation, and the Cisco 7200, 7500, 7600, and Cisco 12000 Gigabit Switch Router (GSR), for high-end routing. Together, the Catalyst and Cisco router families deliver a wide range of intelligent solutions.

            • WS-C6006 - Catalyst 6006 Chassis
            • WS-C6006-1000AC - Catalyst 6006 Chassis w/ 1000W AC Power Supply
            • WS-C6006-1300AC - Switch Chassis - 1 x Supervisor Engine, 5 x Expansion Slot
            • WS-C6009 - Catalyst 6009 Chassis
            • WS-C6009-1300AC - Switch Chassis - 1 x Supervisor Engine, 8 x Expansion Slot